Another Boilermaiker is in the books, year 35 is done. What can we talk about now? How about Boilermaker 36? Next year is your chance to win. Maybe not on the course, but how about making some top dollars off the event? The way to make the cash is very simple and it’s been in front of you this whole time. The answer: Recycling.

What do I mean by recycling? Well think about it. There are water stations  all through-out the course. When the runners grab the water they keep running and they toss the garbage on the ground. Eventually, someone needs to sweep up all the bottles and cups. Why not clean up on the dough?

As of right now in New York, you can grab about $.05 per bottle. So let’s do a little math. This year there was 14,000 runners.

If 14,000 runners drink on average 4 bottles each here’s what we get…


14,000 X 4 = 56,000 Bottles


So let’s take those bottles and multiply them by a nickel.


56,000 Bottles X .05 = $2,800


Say those runners drink way more than that, say 10…


14,000 X 10 = 140,000 Bottles


So let’s take that number and multiply it by a nickel.


140,000 Bottles X .05 = $7,000


So if you have a big enough truck, you can get am even bigger wallet.



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