With everything happening in Japan with Nuclear power plants it had me wondering which plants are close to us here in Central New York. Lucky for us CNN.com has a great app for this.

The handy dandy CNN tool is called "How close is your home to a nuclear power plant?" It's pretty straight forward. All you have to do is just enter your address or zip code, and they give you a list of the closest plants, along with a map.

I entered our address here in Marcy and here’s the map I was shown:

In a 10-mile radius, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission says the air could be unsafe to breathe in the event of a major catastrophe. In 50 miles, food and water supplies may be unsafe. Lucky for us in Marcy we are about 60 miles from the nearest plant in Oswego, The Fitzpatrick. The commission date of this plant was back in July of 1975 and the plants license will expire on October 17th, of 2034.