There are a number of frontline workers who are on the job every day helping to keep people with compromised immune systems – like many cancer patients and survivors – safe and healthy during the current health crisis. Now there is a way to honor those frontline workers, while supporting cancer patients and their families.

The American Cancer Society is offering a special luminaria bag this year called "The Frontline Hope Hero" bag. These bags will be displayed in a special area of annual Relay For Life events, when those events are held later this year. This allows the donor a chance to honor and thank a frontline worker in exchange for a $10 online donation to the American Cancer Society.

“Frontline workers are there helping cancer patients, survivors and others with compromised immune systems navigate through the health crisis,” explained Robert Elinskas, Senior Community Development Manager for the American Cancer Society, “We already honor caregivers at our local Relay For Life events. So, this was another way to recognize these additional caregivers and give people the chance to help support the mission of the American Cancer Society at the same time.”

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Frontline Hope Hero bags can be purchased online through the luminaria page of local Relay For Life event websites. Here's links to your local Relay's here in Central New York:



If your Relay isn't listed above, you can go to and then enter your zip code to find your local event.


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