I don't know if you have something occur in your house that I do in mine with amazing frequency.

My wife and sister-in-law every weekend, either Saturday or Sunday, go as they call it,"ramming" which is basically shopping with no particular item in mind just looking, going from store to store.

Up until now if there was one store they focused on it was Home Goods and that required a trip to Syracuse which in turn killed one of the days on the weekend. Now with the new Home Goods store in New Hartford, they save an hour and a half in driving.

I must admit after getting roped into a tour of the Home Goods Store in Syracuse with these two fine ladies, Home Goods is really not bad as stores go. Think of it this way, roll a Marshals and TJ Maxx together and boom you have Home Goods. You can see for yourself at the grand opening Sunday October 22nd.

I must admit it's nice to see the retail base here in CNY expand a little for a change.

The latest rumor is Tuesday Morning will move into the old Kmart store, expanding the ability to feature even more for your home, and yes yet another store that will probably attract the women in your family, leaving more time for winter sports and golf in the spring if you know what I mean.



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