The guy who was a paraplegic marine reborn in Avatar, an indestructible terminator in Terminator: Salvation, and a God-man in Clash of the Titans has clashed with a lowly run-of-the-mill security guard and lost.


John Shearer/Getty Images

Sam apparently wanted to go into a restaurant but was denied entry due to his highly intoxicated state. He was probably thinking, "How dare this rent-a-cop refuse the son of Zeus, does he know who I am?" The guy that could handle the venom of super-beasts was pacified quickly with pepper-spray and cuffed up awaiting impending judgement. Well, he's probably just as blue now as his avatar was, blue with embarrassment that is. But to his good fortune, the powers that be (the earthly judge, not his lofty-god-dad) decided to dismiss the case and he was able to fly away on his Pegasus unscathed, save for the $453 get-out-of-the-dungeon card. Fret not pure defenseless humans, this is a small gnat on his otherwise pristine exoskeleton and make no mistake about it, He'll be back... Avatar 2 is in the works!