One historic Central New York restaurant that has been in business for more than a hundred years will be closing it's doors for good this weekend.

Hullar's Restaurant, one of the oldest in the Syracuse region will close on Saturday citing that there are not enough customers to keep the doors open.

The family owned and run restaurant opened in 1911. The restaurant survived by selling gas and ice cream during prohibition, during that time it became famous for its hot beef on kummelweck, its haddock and its hamburgers. The restaurant became part of the village and a place to get breakfast, lunch, and dinner and to catch up the latest local news. In the late 90's there were some changes made that didn't sit well with the regular customers.

In 2015, Jacob  Hullar lll, died. The family's loss caused confusion with the restaurant's liquor license in 2015. The situation grew dire and at one point the state's Liquor Authority denied the decades' old restaurant the ability to serve alcohol.

State officials quickly granted an extension after news broke that the Hullars were considering closing over the lost license.

Nanette Hullar was the fourth generation of her family to run the restaurant. Asked what the secret was to the success she said we're a neighborhood bar. And family, because family is in it, that's what kept it going.

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