I remember when I was a new customer with DirecTV and I was offered the NFL package for free. I told a friend of mine about the amazing deal I got and he was perturbed to say the least. He had been a loyal DirecTV customer for years and he had always paid full price for his NFL package. The free season was an incentive for those who weren’t customers yet, to sign up.

Well, fast-forward to 2021 in the midst of the COVID-19 Pandemic. Vaccine demand is slowing and supplies are readily available. New York State now plays the role of DirecTV and the tables have turned for me.

I now play the role of my friend who had been one of the first to get the vaccine when it was available to me and those who have waited are starting to see the offers of incentives and free gifts be thrown their way to entice an injection. Where is my reward? Where is my incentive? Now, I understand the reason behind getting the vaccine and that is so I can help my fellow community members and keep them safe, but that isn’t enough of an incentive for some.

In recent weeks the non-vaccinated have been offered lottery tickets with the chance at winning up to $5 Million. Wow, that would have been a nice thank you and reward for enduring every possible side effect associated with my Johnson & Johnson vaccine. That lotto ticket isn’t for anyone who is waiting for the second dose. No, if you have had one already you were going to get one and that’s not enough to receive it. It’s only those who are going for their first shot at a NY State run POD.

On Wednesday, Governor Cuomo announced that any teen 12-17 years of age is eligible to receive a full scholarship and free room and board to a public NY State College or University. At least those teens who had received it previously are eligible, but you can do the math on the price tag of state college tuition, room and board.

There are countless incentives popping up every day for those who have resisted getting any one of the three options for the COVID-19 Vaccine. While I understand some are weary, I don’t understand now, how those who were the first to VOLUNTARILY get the shot are being lost in the dust.

All I can say is I can sleep at night knowing and believing I did my part. A small part of me thinks that if a $20 lotto ticket is what convinces you to change your thinking on the vaccine and ultimately getting it, then they need it more than I do. No matter what grand prize Cuomo and the State of New York offers next, I’ll continue paying for my NFL package because that’s what I wanted all along.


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