One of the biggest questions on everybody's mind when the Hess gas stations became Speedways, was will there still be a Hess Toy Truck? The answer, luckily, is yes!

The company that makes the Hess truck took to social media today to introduce the 2015 version of the holiday staple.

The newest Hess Toy Truck is here! Order yours online Nov. 1st. $30.99, free standard shipping, 5 Energizer ® batteries included.

Posted by Hess Toy Truck on Monday, October 19, 2015

The iconic toy trucks have been around as one of the most popular holiday gift traditions since 1964. Where did it all begin? According to the Hess Truck website,

This vision for a Hess Toy Truck became a reality with the 1964 Hess Tanker Trailer. A replica of the company’s first B61 Mack truck and trailer, the toy’s features were rare for its time: working headlights and taillights controlled by a switch at the back of the cab, and a cargo tank that could be filled and emptied with an accompanying funnel and rubber hose. There were no TV ads or major radio campaigns for the Hess Tanker Trailer—just a few small newspaper ads for a well-made toy, battery included, sold at Hess gas stations. But fifty years of fun had just begun.

Initially there were no radio or television ads for the popular toy, but we all remember this classic jingle!

Maybe if you're lucky Santa will bring you one this year!

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