Help my husband Douglas and I in the 'Bucket of Junk' competition at the Herkimer County Fair

The Herkimer County Fair has a new game called 'Bucket Of Junk' probably inspired by HGTV or Flea Market Flip. This is not something you enter for the prize as 1st place pays $10.00, 2nd pays $8.00, and 3rd pays $5.00, you enter this for bragging rights.

Here's the bucket of junk we have to work with:

Cindy McMullen
Cindy McMullen

The official rules state we must use all the items in the bucket but not the bucket to create the "Sculpture." Teams (Douglas and I with all of you) are allowed and encouraged. We can clean. sand, weld, glue, bolt, fasten, bend, shape, paint or finish the items provided, but no pieces can be added. Judging will be based on the use of the materials provided - creativity and overall appearance of the finished '"Sculpture."

Here's a closer look at what we have to work with.

The 'Sculpture' must be on display by the opening day of the Fair on Tuesday, August 15th.

I thought I was imaginative and Doulas and I are both left handed. You know what 'they' say about that right? We're supposed to be incredibly creative, and artistic. How do I feel now? Panicked! What to heck are we going to make out of this stuff? When you look at this junk what do you see? Please Help!

Bonus Video:

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