Carl, a gentle soul, desperately needs his own family. It will help his health tremendously.

Carl has been living at the Stevens-Swan Humane Society for three years, and his health is starting to deteriorate. Poor depressed Carl, doesn't he deserve to be in a loving home that will help him with his aches and pains?  There is NO adoption fee for him in hopes that he can go to his new home and be loved.

According to the Stevens-Swan Humane Society, Carl was turned in to the shelter with his son and daughter in pretty rough shape. Their health was poor, and their bodies scarred. His daughter has since been adopted and his son, King, is still with us. Carl does not get along with his son at all, and we assume their scars are from fighting each other in the home. Carl does need to be the only animal in the house, and we have not seen him around children.

The worst part about Carl’s situation is that we don’t think he has ever had a shred of a normal life. He was in poor condition when he came to us and has now spent nearly 3 years living in the shelter. His tail has never wagged’s just not the same as having his own home and family... At this point, we have no idea how much longer Carl has on this earth. We want him to be able to have his own family and have their full attention and love for the rest of his days, however long that may be. For all we know, that could be exactly what he needs to get him up and moving. He deserved a much better life than he was dealt and we need your help to make his remaining time amazing.[Stevens-Swan Humane Society]

If you think you can help Carl or have any questions about him, please call the shelter at 315-738-4357.

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