UPDATE: 01/12/2015 2:03pm It appears that The U.S. Central Command account on YouTube has been taken down as well.  There are still multiple US Central Command videos on the site; however, the account attributed to, or taken over by, CyberCaliphate has now been deactivated.

UPDATE: 01/12/2015 1:18pm U.S. Central Command's YouTube account has also been hacked.  As fof this posting that account is still active.US Central Command's YouTube account is now showing the following image:


U.S. Central Command on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/user/centcom


UPDATE: 01/12/2015 1:09pm U.S. Central Command is now acknowledging that its Twitter account has been hacked, although it is not certain by whom.

The account, @CENTCOM on Twitter, has now been suspended.  The following message appears, showing that, within minutes of the cyberattack, the agency had pulled the account:

United States Central Command (@CENTCOM) Twitter Account

However, it was not before hackers had infiltrated the site and posted messages that included the following: "In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful, the CyberCaliphate continues its CyberJihad."  Another message warns, "American soldiers, watch your backs."

Original Story:

Twitter posts of the US Central Command are showing strange messages, and some are saying that CENTCOMM's feed has been hacked.

Messages from CENTCOMM are now showing the following Twitter messages:

U.S. Central Command (@CENTCOM) Account on Twitter

The profile picture, belonging to "CyberCaliphate," featured on the accounts includes the following words, "I Love ISIS:"

Screen grab US CENTCOM on YouTube



Hacked Image posted on CENTCOM YouTube page









Steven Bucci, Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense who is now with The Heritage Foundation, tells Fox News' Gregg Jarrett that he believes that the hack is probably bigger than is being publicized at the moment.  While being interviewed about the situation in Paris and the United States' response to the increasing threat of terrorism, the news about the hacking broke.

Responding to Jarrett's question about the leak of possible personal personnel information posted on Twitter by ISIS, Bucci says "...[T]hey probably have hacked into more than just the Twitter feed because the Twitter feed is completely unclassified public... site that has nothing to do with classified information and really shouldn't even have personal information about those guys.  So if they're (putting) that kind of stuff out... on the 'net then they've hacked into something besides the Twitter feed or in addition to it."

The video from Fox News is below.  Jarrett's question and Bucci's response begin at the :58 second mark: