You'll have to find somewhere else to beat the heat in central New York than Verona Beach State Park. The swimming area is closed again due to harmful blue-green algae.

The first algae bloom of the season closed Verona Beach to swimming July 19th. The problem has forced park officials to close several times this summer. It just reopened Sunday and was closed again the next day.

"The number of reported harmful blue-green algae blooms in New York State has been increasing each year," according to the New York Parks Department. "In response, swimming areas at regulated beaches are closed more frequently and often for longer periods of time to ensure people and animals avoid contact with harmful blue-green algae blooms and their toxins."

To see when Verona Beach will reopen you can check out Verona Beach State Park on Facebook or call the Park Office at 315-762-4463. You can also see the later water quality tests at

The Verona Beach splash pad is still open from 9am-8pm every day and an inflatable water slide is available for the kids from 11am-6pm.

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