It seems like yesterday that Greg 'Goose' Lapoint and I were playing in a Syracuse cover band at Coleman's Irish Pub a decade ago but things have changed greatly since then, moreso for him.He was always known for his energetic style and while I've continued to play the CNY circuit, Goose had much loftier goals. Long story short, he moved to Nashville and now just a handful of years later has finally hit the bigtime getting picked up earlier this month as none other than John Fogerty's new drummer! Also, for those that know Goose, he STILL plays with a stuffed animal or two attached to his kit (look at the rightmost cymbal stand!)

photo: Greg 'Goose' Lapoint
photo: Mike Miller

Not only did he play SPAC with Fogerty just last night, which must've been amazing for him to be home(ish) and to do so in such grand style after leaving for Music City, but he's also filling the shoes of one of the greatest live and studio drummers that has ever walked the planet in Kenny Aronoff!

Greg also tours with the Chicago based Freddy Jones Band, which you can get a taste of below and Goose's signature energy

Stand by for some quotes from Greg about his career and that night once I catch up with his on-fire self!

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