I suspect it doesn't cross your mind when you have your parents baby sit for the evening or worse, baby sit Monday through Friday before the kid(s) are old enough for school.

Then before and after school once they reach school age. I wonder if we realize the time spent baby sitting free for all intents and purpose.

Keep in mind the Grandparent is pretty much locked into that time at their house or the kids house. The Grandparents are stuck taking their vacations during some of the most expensive times of the year. Think about that if you will for just a moment. Your parents are living their life on the same schedule as the school with holidays and vacations. I didn't mention this yet but t

They do this all for FREE, that's right, free as in no money! Now I'm sure most every Grandparent I know would be happy to babysit on that schedule.

There is an old adage, it takes the young to raise the young. So, with that thought in mind should we start paying our babysitting grandparents? If we do what is the hourly rate? Do we also have paid time off? Then what about W-2's?

There's the door. Gotta go. The grandkids are here!


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