From the files of "What in the world is happening" this story hits 17 home runs. In California, police are investigating reports that two students brought cookies they baked containing one of their grandfather's cremated remains to school and gave them to nine other students.

The cookie affair took place in Davis California. KCRA reports the cookies were sugar cookies, and reportedly brought to school on October 4th. So far, there are no reports of students getting physically ill from consuming the cookies.

Student Andy Knox said he was one of the students who was given a cookie.

“Two weeks ago, I was just about to go into my sixth-period class, environmental science, and a girl who was also in the class stopped me and asked me if I wanted a cookie. And I knew her, so I figured, ‘It’s a cookie, why not?’” Knox said. “She told me there's a special ingredient in the cookie … I thought that she put drugs in it or something. So I asked her if like, ‘Is this a weed cookie or something?’ And she said ‘No.’ She said it was her grandpa's ashes. And then she kind of laughed. And I was really, I was kind of horrified.”"

Police are investigating, but have been unable to prove that human remains were baked into the cookies.

Maybe now if someone offers you halfmoons or any style cookie randomly you'll think twice.

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