We tried paper for years, then plastic for a good long while too and now it appears that a third option is on it's way to being law. We dispose of 23 million plastic shopping bags every year in New York State and Governor Cuomo (and others) thinks that's 23 million too many.

He is reportedly considering a state-wide ban on plastic shopping bags for environmental reasons and I have to say that's one of the smartest ideas that he's ever come up with. We use plastic bags once and then they usually end up in landfills after so it's safe to say that the third option: reusable totes like Hannaford offers are probably the best now.

Sure we have to BUY them at first and for some families (like mine) that means a LOT of them, but God forbid we spend a little bit out of pocket once in order to do our part in reducing wastefulness. God knows I'm tired of flimsy over-filled bags breaking all of the time anyway.

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