Stan Munro and Suzi Campanaro have been transforming their lawn on Halloween for the past 10 years. They've created everything from giant spiders and zombies, to a crashed UFO and ghost disco. This year Stan has built a giant dragon skeleton.

The Halloween display is so big Stan says he almost didn't have enough room. "It was borderline asking the neighbors permission to drag my tail through their lawn."

People come from miles around to see the annual display. "We shut down the street for a couple of hours on Halloween night. There will be a couple of surprises that night but I can't let that out yet," says Stan.

Despite what some may think, Stan says his wife not only supports the yearly display, she's the one with the idea. "My wife makes me do it. People don't understand, she starts yelling at me in July 'you gotta think of something.'"

Suggestions come in from friends, family and neighbors every year. "Sometimes they work and sometimes they don't. We crashed a UFO one year and that was great. Then the next year I tried a ghost disco which didn't fly so much. I tried to get the ghosts to move around the lawn but it didn't work and they just sat there. The neighbors got to listen to disco music every night for a month," explains Monro.

Stan Monro
Stan Monro

You can see the giant dragon skeleton at 107 Sandra Drive in North Syracuse, New York. "If you can't see it on Sandra Drive, you're not looking," Monro jokes

See all the Halloween Lawn displays over the years at or on Facebook at Toothpick World.

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