2016 ended with sad news of the passing of great performer George Michael. Millions of fans worldwide are still mourning his death. With that mourning, did fans spot the ghost of George at his recent cottage home? 

One photo is making its rounds on Facebook of fans paying their respects to Michael at his late cottage in the UK. Many are debating seeing several spirits in the photo, and one of which could be George Michael. You be the judge with this photo:

Photo used with permission from Annette Maxwell
Photo used with permission from Annette Maxwell

First off, the smoke in the photo coming from the house is not of paranormal origins. The grey haze on the left of the house is coming from the heating system inside the home. Looking past that, many claim to see the face of George Michael near the heart balloons in the photo. Other people are claiming to see spirits praying near flowers throughout the photo.

What do you make of this?




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