As the season of ghosts and ghouls is upon us it is important to recognize the events that happen on a daily basis but are often overlooked. 

Our very own Marcy Studios is the subject of its own ghostly phenomena and despite being a fairly recent construction, any staff that work late at night in the building notice things. Ghostly accounts include seeing a figures out of the corner of the eye, hearing someone walking down the hallway, smelling perfume and cigarette smoke, seeing figures through the windows with no one in the building, hearing the sounds of keys and even shuffling binders.

The NY Shadow Chasers came to investigate these reports and the results were more surprising than anyone expected. The team was able to document the disembodied voices throughout the studios and even captured some unusual visual anomalies. Watch the full investigation below:


theshadowchasers's Marcy Studios album on Photobucket


Eric's Ghost Story - Haunted Marcy Studios Chronicles