Every week another incentive to go and get vaccinated seems to be coming out. At least this one gives a little spotlight to some of the best breweries in Central New York.

In recent weeks there has been everything from being entered into a pool to win a sweet million dollars, to getting a lottery scratch-off ticket. This is where the New York State Brewers Association steps in and says hold my beer. Except they will just hand you your own, for free.

So in an effort to see more New Yorkers get vaccinated, select breweries all over the Empire State are starting the "Shot and a Beer" campaign. It's super easy to qualify for it too. If in the month of June you get at least one vaccination shot, you will be able to get a free craft beer.

At the moment there are only a dozen breweries across the state who are doing this, but they seem to be the best of the best. The ones right here in Central New York that have chosen to participate are the F.X. Matt Brewery right in Utica, Foothill Hops Farm Brewery in Munnsville, and over in Syracuse the Middle Ages Brewing Company.

All you have to do is present your vaccination card to claim the delicious libation formed from hops and barley. Or whatever they chose to use while brewing the beer you choose.

NYUP has the full list of the current breweries who are participating, but that list could change as maybe more will join in on the action.

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