Now the recreational marijuana is legal in New York State for adults, there has been an uptick in usage. I have personally heard of some very creative marijuana edibles in a number of different varieties, everything from foods like pasta, rice, shrimp rolls, and even drinks like flavored Kool-Aide and some fancy champagne drinks. I think that everyone that uses edibles has to be really careful with are the more common ones like, brownies, cookies, and gummy candy. According to WIVB, upstate New York Poison Center says that more children are swallowing marijuana products.

The problem is that children can get a hold of these products that looks like candy, and the potency of the marijuana in some of these edibles that are in the form of candy or any treat like cookies or brownies can be too strong for some adults, so you can imagine how dangerous it must be for a child to eat one.

It needs to be treated as though it's a medicine and it's a drug, having it around is okay but treat it as one of those as well its gotta be up and away, its gotta be treated like any toxic medicine that might be in a home, and if at all try to avoid these products that look and taste like candy.

Said, Dr. Christine Stork, director at the Poison Center.

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If a child swallows a marijuana edible, they could face severe symptoms like low blood pressure, problems breathing, or even severe tiredness.

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