If you don’t own an iPad, here’s some news that might make you gently weep: A new app gives users the opportunity to explore George Harrison‘s extensive guitar collection, complete with audio clips, video, and 360-degree views of the instruments.

As NPR reports, the app — sensibly titled ‘The Guitar Collection: George Harrison’ — offers an in-depth look at the Beatles guitarist’s many instruments, including the Rickenbacker 12-string he used on ‘A Hard Day’s Night’ and ‘Ticket to Ride,’ as well as the Black Gretsch Duo Jet he played during the group’s early years.

Available for $9.99, the app also provides a list of Harrison’s guitars with the songs he used them on, along with performances and video testimonials from artists he influenced, such as Ben Harper, Mike Campbell and Josh Homme. Harrison’s son Dhani also taped an interview with Conan O’Brien where the two talk about the collection.

‘The Guitar Collection: George Harrison’ is available now, and joins a growing list of Beatles-related apps, including a ‘Yellow Submarine’ ebook and a comprehensive, Rolling Stone-curated guide to the band’s albums.

What do you think? If you already own an iPad, will you be buying the app — and if you don’t, is this enough to convince you to make the investment?

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