If you're looking for a fun activity that your little ones are certain to enjoy, take them out to watch the boats come in at one of the locks along the Erie Canal.

If you're on a tight budget, and free sounds good to you, consider taking a trip to one of our locks here in Central New York. Many of them have picnic tables and pavilions so you can pack a lunch and make a day of it.

After you eat, take a stroll or bike ride down the canal trail, and work off some of those calories. Or you can wait for a boat to pass through, and watch how they raise and lower the water levels. It really is a fascinating process.

Why is it necessary to raise the water level? According to Erie Canal Cruises.Com:

It’s necessary to raise or lower vessels on rivers or canals for several reasons, including changing terrain levels, rapids, shoaling, waterfalls and low water.The Erie Canal is a good example of terrain change. Picture locks as a set of “stair steps” across the state--- “liquid elevators” if you will.


Here's a video of a boat passing through Little Falls.


Central New Yorker's Attempt to Describe Little Falls