Need a car seat? You can get a free one in Central New York.

Oneida County is giving away free car seats at three different events this summer. You can get your free seat at the Deerfield Fire Station on the following dates:

August 18 from 9 AM until 1 PM
September 1 from 1 PM until 4 PM
September 21 from 10 AM until 4 PM

The Oneida County Health Department partnered with the Oneida County Sheriff’s Office to provide free car seats and the training to install them properly on your own.

Free Car Seat Requirements

  • Must meet income eligibility
  • Must have child present or be expecting to deliver within 3 months
  • Must bring vehicle for car seat installation

Free car seats are handed out by appointment only. You can call 315-798-5229 or email

Car Seat Laws in New York

The law in New York State requires all children to be restrained in an appropriate child seat while riding in a vehicle until they reach their 8th birthday. Here are tips on what seat your child should be in as they age.


Infants and toddlers should ride in a rear-facing car seat for as long as possible, but at least until the age of 2. If a child outgrows the weight or height limit of the seat, then a convertible or all-in-one car seat should be used in the rear-facing position until the child outgrows the weight or height limit set by the car seat manufacturer



Keep your child in a forward-facing car seat with a harness as long as possible, up to the highest weight or height allowed by the car seat manufacturer.


Booster Seats

Use a belt-positioning booster seat when your child’s weight or height is above the forward-facing limit for the car seat. Keep your child in a booster seat until the lap and shoulder belts fit properly, typically between 8 and 12 years old.

MementoImage/Think Stock
MementoImage/Think Stock

Seat Belts

Use a lap and shoulder belt when the seat belts fit your child properly. The lap belt should be low and snug across the upper thighs and the shoulder belt should lie across the middle of the chest and shoulder.

Kids in car
Noel Hendrickson/Thinkstock

All children under age 13 should ride in the backseat.

Fet additional information on finding the right seat from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

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