This is Kaison. A few weeks ago he did not look like this. He was a happy, energetic, lively, typical four-year-old boy. That was before he contracted COVID.

Kaison's poor little body is fighting something called MIS-C (multi-inflammatory system syndrome), a rare side effect that is impacting children who contract the coronavirus.

Photo Credit - Aften J Ford

Kaison's mother, Aften Ford says the scary experience has changed her outlook on the coronavirus and how it affects children. "I had a very different outlook on whether kids should be in school. I am a teacher, so of course I thought they should be. But right now, I'm not so sure school is a safe place. I am not saying he got this in school. But, as a teacher, I quite possibly did. Which means I brought it home to my family."

Aften says after speaking with a nurse and several doctors and asking lots of questions she realized she had to share her experience and advocate awareness. "Here is what I know as a result of this experience so far. This is not political. COVID is real. COVID effects everyone differently. COVID is mild for most kids. MIS-C is rare (for now). But doctors say they are seeing more and more cases. There is a new strain spreading and could impact children differently."

Aften J Ford

Before forming opinions on COVID, Aften hopes people will educate themselves. "Start by turning off the news. Do some real research. Learn the facts. Don't live in fear, but be cautious, aware, and educated."

Kaison is improving and his doctors are amazed at his turn around. He was released from Upstate Children's Hospital but will be monitored closely and have lots of follow up appointments. "I am certain the thousands of prayers going up for Kaison helped him make this miraculous turn for the better."

Photo Credit - Aften J Ford

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