Did everyone do this back in the day or is this just a one-house thing?

I don't mean to make anyone feel old by saying 'back in the day' in case, you actually did have this in your house. We were house-hunting the other day (I became a realtor during the pandemic and so we have been going into a ton more houses lately), and I have never seen this one before.

All of the bathrooms were carpeted. In fact, besides the kitchen, the entire house was carpeted.

Apparently, from what I have heard, carpeting the entire house NOT just the bathroom but even the kitchen was a very popular thing back in the 1950s. Earlier than that, it was considered a wealthy thing to carpet the entire house, but it became more affordable by the 1960s and a lot of households were doing it.

The problem is, especially with the bathroom, you will drip on the carpet and mold can grow easily and it caused tons of respiratory issues with people living in the house.

We were talking about it the other day on Clay and Company and people were quick to inbox us on Facebook and Twitter saying that over time, the carpet would even make a 'crunch' sound because of the buildup of water and material from when the carpet got wet. That's when you knew that your carpet was getting old.

What is something else that you don't see in houses anymore? Here were some of the answers that we came up with:

  • Milk boxes
  • Coal Chutes / Rooms
  • Phone Niches (for where your corded phone would go....kids are probably still confused by all of this LOL)
  • Laundry Chute
  • Bed in the ceiling?! Did anyone else do this? Very interested if you did!

What else can you add to the list?

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