If you are a Sesame Street fan, you definitely remember how to count to 12. But, you don't do it the boring, traditional way. There was a song that helped. Back in the day, Sesame Street had a video called "Pinball Number Count." It was a catchy way to remember how to count to 12. And, an interesting fact about the Sesame Street song is that it was performed by the Pointer Sisters. There are some more interesting facts about the song that taught children all over the country how to count to 12.

"Pinball Number Count" debuted on Sesame Street in 1977. The visually interesting fact about the song is that each number, except for number 1, had a specific theme. From Wikipedia:

  • #2: A Day at the Carnival (amusement park) The pinball finds its way through carnival- and amusement park-themed obstacles—riding a roller coaster, a ferris wheel, and some hanging airplanes until being dropped into a clown's mouth that enters a haunted house of ghosts and ghouls.
  • #3: Circus Capers (circus) The ball rolls through circus attractions. It is shot from a cannon, caught by clowns, and handed off by a ringmaster to a juggling monkey who tosses it to a lion tamer and his lion. The ball then lands on the nose of a seal and is launched by a hippopotamus to a pink elephant that runs it into the hole.
  • #4: FORE! (golf course) The ball rolls down a hill and is hit by a golfer. It lands in a duck's mouth which causes him to spin until it stops with its head in the water. The golfer gives the ball another shot. It runs over a flat guy standing next to a hole and rolls into a tunnel which makes six purple rabbits to pop out of their holes. The golfer makes the last shot. The ball bumps off the bottoms of some trees before rolling into another tree where a squirrel drops it into the hole.
  • #5: The Only Way To Travel (modes of transportation) The ball is kicked into the backseat of a car which enters a tunnel, from which emerges a bicycle with the ball in its basket. The ball is then pushed by a locomotive, then a magnet attached to a plane picks it up and drops it into a tugboat, which then sinks. After the ball is shot out of a volcano, it is caught by a blimp, which drops it into the hole.
  • #6: Down on the Farm The ball rolls down a slide attached to a barn and is kicked by a donkey past a group of sheep before rolling into the bottom of a haystack. It emerges from the top and is tossed by a goat dressed like a farmer. Now it rolls under a group of chicks and is laid like an egg under a chicken who then pushes it away with its beak. The ball now rolls into a doghouse and out when the dog pops out. It then chases a pig into a barn where the goat farmer emerges from behind it carrying the ball in a wheelbarrow and drops it into the hole.
  • #7: World Tour (famous world landmarks) The ball slides down from the roof of a Taj Majal building and into a tunnel under a snake charmer whose pet snake is startled awake and pushes the ball out from under him with its tail. The ball rolls under a sphinx (the statue turns its head to see the ball as it rolls behind him) and into a pyramid. The ball leaves the pyramid from the top. Now it bounces off two thingies that resemble roofs of Russian buildings before being kicked into the air by a dancer. A mountain climber blowing a horn swings to the right to catch the ball. Then he swings to the left and blows the ball loose. The ball lands on a bull in a ring, bounces off him and hits a matador causing him to spin around. A windmill with its blades turning with a hole in its base which the ball tries to go through but gets knocked away by one of the blades. Now it runs over a policeman and rolls into a sentry box which causes two soldiers to pop out of their holes.
  • #8: Forest Follies Many forest animals pass the ball around. A unicycling brown bear, a frog, a monkey, a pelican, a kangaroo, a beaver, a tree bear, a couple of unicycling brown bears, and a raccoon who drops it into the hole.
  • #9: Play Ball! (baseball) The ball encounters some baseball players and is chased under the bleachers and dropped into the hole by a mechanical dog.
  • #10: Medieval Times (fantasy Middle Ages) The ball slides down a ramp attached to a wall shaped like a castle roof and is launched from a catapult into the mouth of dragon who spits it out. The ball rams into a knight which causes him to spin vertically. We see a tent with a hole behind it the flap which the ball tries to go through but is stopped by a giant who pushes it away with his spiky flail. Now the ball rolls into a castle through the doorway as the bridge lowers. And then it is shot from a cannon. The dragon who caught the ball earlier ducks as the ball flies into the cave. It lands into a witch's cauldron, causing a splash that literally "kills" her. The dragon then emerges from the pot with the ball in its mouth and drops it into the hole.
  • #11: Wild Things (animals) Mechanical jungle animals pass the ball around, including an elephant, a zebra, a lion, and a gorilla that flicks it into the hole.
  • #12: Sightseeing, USA (American landmarks) The ball goes sightseeing through replicas of American landmarks, including the Statue of Liberty, the Washington Monument, Mount Rushmore, Old Faithful, and the Golden Gate Bridge."

Here are all 11 segments of "Pinball Number Count":