Central New Yorker's get ready: The Fish Friar restaurant and bar is coming to downtown Syracuse this fall. 

The Fish Friar will open up in the left side of the Courier Building at East Washington and Montgomery streets in downtown Syracuse. So what exactly can you expect? According to Syracuse.com, the Fish Friar bills itself as "an elevated and elegant spin" on a fish fry, bringing "culinary experience to a simple concept while refusing to sacrifice quality."

The menu consists of the following: Fried or broiled haddock plates or sandwiches, shrimp po'boy, lobster roll, and plenty of sides. The fish is shipped directly to the Fish Friar from Free Range Fish & Lobster in Potland, Maine.

The Fish Friar is aiming to open in November in the ground floor of the Courier Building. Currently there is a location in Solvay.

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