As we make our way toward opening day of the Major League Baseball season, there's a lot to look forward to such as great baseball, warmer weather, and beer. If you plan on going to any games at Fenway Park expect your beer to be served super fast.

According to the Boston Herald, a new high-speed beer dispenser called Bottoms Up will be at Fenway this year. What Bottoms Up does it fills special cups from the bottom up in just a few seconds, getting people served and back to the stands much faster than typical tap setups.

Bottoms Up has a thin magnetic disk in the cup bottom that flips up when the cup is placed on the system and beer flows in, and then flips back down and seals when the pour is finished. A four-cup Bottoms Up station can pour as many as 44 beers per minute.

They may serve record beer but wont be breaking any sports records this year! :P

Whos your Baseball team?