Curt Shilling congratulated his daughter on getting into college where she will continue to play softball. After that you would not believe the tweets headed his way . Sexuality-explicit tweets, violent tweets, rape threats and more. This proud father will not tolerate that abuse directed at his daughter.


Curt say's he has never seen anything like this. He grew up in locker rooms and has heard it all but this is down right appalling.

"Tweets with the word 'rape,' 'bloody underwear' and pretty much every other vulgar and defiling word you could likely fathom began to follow,'' Schilling wrote. I was a jock my whole life. I played sports my whole life. I know clubhouses. I lived in a dorm. I get it. Guys will be guys. Guys will say dumb crap, often. But I can’t ever remember, drunk, in a clubhouse, with best friends, with anyone, ever speaking like this to someone.

"I have to ask, is this even remotely ok? In ANY world? At ANY time?"

[Today parents]

Any good father would stand up to protect his own daughter. What I like about the 'Curt Shilling Style' is that he identified them in his blog. One guy was fired from his part time job selling tickets for the Yankees, another now has the police investigating him and a college student has been suspended.

Bulling is a cowards way of handling jealousy. There are public service announcements on radio and TV to try to combat it. There are programs in most schools and colleges.

This kind of abuse must be overwhelming and so hard to deal with when your the object of it. Look at Johnathan Martin from the Miami Dolphins. Any one could be the target at any time. Thank goodness Curt Shilling has a platform to do something about this and hopefully make a difference.

He feels bad that he may have embarrassed his daughter. She said she doesn't know what she would do without him and that she loves him.

I think the true measure of a man is the kind of father he is. I'm going to go out on a limb and saying Curt Shilling is a great dad.

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