A New York City man and his dad wrapped up the summer of 2020 in a truly unique fashion. They didn't hit the back deck for a grill-off or take one last trip out on the boat for Labor Day weekend. Instead, this father-son duo took to the streets for an epic 40-mile adventure.

Fred and Jake Sirianni left Brooklyn, New York at 2:57 a.m. As some people were just crawling into bed, the Siriannis' long day ahead was just getting started. They were going on a walk... a long walk... to Stamford, Connecticut.

The 40-mile trip was expected to take the Sirianni men 14 hours, and they were determined to document all the little moments along the way.

Jake posted updates on his Instagram story throughout the day, even asking his followers to send questions for him and his dad to answer while they walked. One follower had a LOT of questions to start, including two that many others had to be thinking... Why walk? And why Stamford?

"I've been walking around a lot this summer and wanted this to be the season finale of sorts," Jake wrote.

No, the Siriannis weren't walking for a specific cause. They were just walking to walk... and to enjoy each other's company along the way.

Courtesy of Jake Sirianni

Jake compiled his Instagram stories from the trek into a video he later shared on YouTube. The video documents the moments when the men stopped to rest their feet, when they took in the "beauty" of the Bronx's "nature trails," when they embraced each other in a "Halfway Hug" in New Rochelle, and even when they had a mini dance-party in front of the "Welcome to Connecticut" sign.

Courtesy of Jake Sirianni

But even once they reached Connecticut, Jake and Fred had two and a half hours left to walk.

"Connecticut? I'd like to Connecti-quit!!" Fred said in the video. However, he was fast to change his attitude when Jake reminded him how close they really were. "Alright, then I'll go Connecti-quick!"

19 hours, 92,019 steps and 40.4 miles later, the men reached Stamford. It was dark and past 9:30 p.m., but they had made the journey and were certainly feeling the effects of all that walking.

"Well, we're in Stamford, and I've got pain," Fred said. "I've got pain everywhere, but it was good."

Luckily, Jake and Fred had planned ahead and booked tickets for an Amtrak back to Brooklyn that Monday. Even though their journey was long and probably pretty painful on the feet, they got to have that one-on-one time that this year has proven is so precious.

Check out the full video chronicling the duo's adventure here:

Courtesy of Jake Sirianni

Jake Sirianni is no stranger to creating fun content. He currently lives in Brooklyn, but in 2017, while he was studying at Washington State University, Jake submitted a video application for an internship at The Tonight Show. The video went viral, especially after Jimmy Fallon shared the video on his show and welcomed Jake onto the team.

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