Do you find yourself eating a lot more fast food than you would prefer?  Busy schedules can seem to make it a good option, but is it ever really a good option?

I myself am quite guilty of making things easier for everyone in the family by just stopping by someplace and grabbing some burgers and fries.

Sure they all taste great, that's the idea, but there are actually some things from these fast food places that even the workers won't eat.  Crazy, huh?

According to, there was this question asked of fast food workers..."What should we never order from you"

It's not so much they wouldn't eat it because it's gross, but because they actually feel as though you are not getting your money's worth by paying for certain items.  It's true, many food items are just not as big as they used to be.

Also, many food items aren't prepared they way they are advertised.  Charbroiled chicken prepared in a microwave?  Hmmm.  Look HERE to see what these workers are saying about some of your favorite food items.