Get ready for the most ridiculous film of 2022.

No, really. I am not kidding.

You are most likely familiar with the horrific murders that took place in Amityville on Long Island in the mid-1970's and the ensuing Amityville Horror movies that followed.

If you are not familiar with the story, in 1974 Ronald Defeo, Jr. murdered his parents and four siblings and attributed his actions to voices in his head that told him to commit these terrible acts. Future homeowners who occupied the colonial where the murders took place also reported scary, paranormal activity.

Now how this all fits into a sci-fi thriller, I have no idea. And how the Amityville house ends up in space a thousand years from now is only a story that can be told when we get to see the full-length version of Amityville In Space. 

Well, if we see it. I know it will be easy to resist after watching the trailer below. According to Entertainment Weekly, the "very low-budget" film plans a January release.

Look Inside The Most Infamous Haunted House In America - The Amityville Horror House

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