Remember waking up for school, running downstairs after you brushed your teeth and begging your Mom for a bowl of Quisp Cereal? Quisp, was first introduced by Quaker Mills in 1965. Since then Mr. Quisp has had a strong impact on the grown adults you've become. Here's a couple facts and treats about Quisp.

1) Quisp was actually created as a mascot before the cereal even existed. You could find him floating around in your favorite comics and on Rocky and Bullwinkle.


2) Quisp memorabilia sells like hotcakes! According to Mr. Breakfast, a 1969 Quisp Beanie cereal premium sold for $1,025 in an internet auction. A 1968 Quisp Space Quaft Cereal Box sold for $600 and a Quisp Red Smoke Gun premium sold for $310.



3) Do you remember the battle of Quisp vs Quake? Quisp and Quake were always promoted together. They usually competed against each other bickering which cereal was best.

In 1972, the final battle between Quisp and Quake began. Earlier ads, in which the cereals were promoted together, often challenged kids to choose which cereal was better. But in the earlier 1970's, the stakes were raised. Quaker ran print ads and television commercials asking consumers to vote on their favorite cereal/character. The loser would be banished from grocery store shelves."

R.I.P. Quake

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