Forget candy and flowers this year for Valentine's Day. Express your love with a Giraffe-Gram.

Enlist the help of the giraffes at the Animal Adventure Park for a Valentine's Day message for your friends and family this year. Select one of the parks giraffes to join a keeper and share your message with a personalized video. The video will be sent to you to post on social media, send in an email, or do with as you wish. It's a gift they will remember forever.

Cost for a giraffe-gram is $100 and you need to provide 72 hour notice at minimum to produce your video. Videos will be at minimum 30 seconds long.

The Animal Adventure Park in Harpursville, New York opens for the season April 28th. Until then you can plan an unforgettable date night with an animal encounter. Choose between, Painting with Penguins, a Sloth Encounter or a Meet and Treat with giraffes April and Taj. Get more details and book your up close and personal animal encounter at

The Animal Adventure Park caught world wide attention when April the giraffe became pregnant. Hundreds of thousands of people anxiously watched in 2017 as April gave birth to Tajiri. It's happening again but this time it's Jahari that is pregnant. You can watch on the Park's giraffe cam.

Until the Animal Adventure Park opens for the season in April, take a virtual tour inside with us when we visited during Farm Hands.

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