If your looking for some place to explore and do some fishing, kayaking, canoeing, or all the above then this might be the place for you. Unadilla Forks is a great place to go out on the water and do some fishing or sight seeing. There's a lot of activity as far as geese, ducks, blue heron, muskrats, beaver, frogs and more. Soon the lily pads will be out and it's just gorgeous. It's easy enough to get your kayak or canoe in and out but there is a lack of parking.

Some folks start at Lovers Lane and kayak or canoe down to Unadilla Forks. I think it's about a mile on the water. A great little trip if you have another vehicle waiting for you at the end. I hear the fish are not really biting yet but there's lot's of stories about the big ones caught there.





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