We can do this!!! We can help West Winfield win a Pooch Playground. They've entered a contest that will award a $25,000.00 cash prize (if we dare to think big enough they could actually win a $100,000.00 cash prize) to build a dog park. All we have to do is vote twice a day till June 10th to make this happen. This is a call to action for all dog lovers!!! Every dog needs his day and a safe place to play.

Voting is key to make this happen. Get everyone you can to vote. One vote is better than none. The contest is about all of our communities voting to support a new dog park. Just imagine if all your Facebook friends voted just once. That would be huge!!! You can actually vote twice a day at each location below. Last year they had about 1600 votes. We can crush that right? Right now West Winfield only has 258 votes. All you need is a email account to vote. To register it's only your email and make a password. Then your set to vote everyday.

Go here to place your vote for West Winfield:

If you would like to help financially as well you can. By donating $25.00 you will get a sign in your pets name or your name just like this one. Go to Pooch Playground for more info.

Cindy McMullen/TSM
Cindy McMullen/TSM

Remember you can vote twice a day until June 10th. Right now they only have 258 votes. Let's do this dog lovers!!! Share this with everyone you know so they'll vote to.

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