Almost two years ago, Syracuse native Ronnie Brower had one foot in the grave. His doctor told him if he didn't lose some of his 675 pounds, he'd die. Today, Brower weighs 250 thanks to blood, sweat, tears and Taylor Swift. His amazing weight loss journey has gone viral, being featured on Yahoo, CNN and even Insider Edition.

Losing 425 pounds sounds impossible. How do you even start? "I just stayed focused. I never want to be at that point again and that's what keeps me going today," Brower explains.

I'm just living proof you can lose weight through diet and exercise

That and Taylor Swift, Brower's favorite artist. It was her music he worked out to everyday. "I love her music. From '22' to 'Love Story,' I love em all. My favorite is her new album 1989."

Not only did Brower work out to Swift's music, his high school teacher and friend Joe Bufano made him a promise. If he lost the weight he'd take him to see Taylor Swift. "So I lost all the weight and here we are, going to see Taylor Swift in two weeks," says Brower. Brower will be at Swift's Cleveland show June 3rd and hopes to get the opportunity to meet his idol.

Brower continues to work out every day and says he's looking forward to his skin removal surgery this summer. "Possibly in July, we'll start the procedure that'll help me lose 20 or so more pounds."

No matter how big the mountain, Brower says anything is possible if you put your mind to it. "I'm just living proof you can lose weight through diet and exercise."

If anyone knows about hard work and dedication, it's Big Vinny, who lost all his weight on the Biggest Loser. He continues to workout while touring the country with Trailer Choir, that will be a part of FrogFest, June 13th where he's invited Brower to be his special guest this year. "That's pretty cool. Thanks so much," says Brower.

You can follow Brower's journey on his 600 lbs to Success Facebook page.

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