It was a perfect night for music in Rome - Sunday, August 7, 2016. The annual Drums Along The Mohawk drum and bugle corps competition brought out a very enthusiastic crowd.

Drums Along The Mohawk is a part of Drum Corps International's annual touring competition.  Eight different corps from across the US competed this year in Rome -

  • Santa Clara Vanguard – Santa Clara, CA
  • Madison Scouts – Madison, WI
  • Blue Stars – LaCrosse, WI
  • Seattle Cascades – Seattle, WA
  • Colts – Dubuque, IA
  • Spirit of Atlanta – Atlanta, GA
  • The Academy – Tempe, AZ
  • Troopers – Casper, WY

The performances were truly spectacular.  Some highlights included Madison Scouts take on "Jesus Christ Superstar", which featured incredibly beautiful and moving brass solos along with a show that left many in the audience in tears.  The Academy put on an elaborate production that was perfect for Halloween and scary movie fans - The Corpse Bride, a cheeky and morbid play on the common mispronunciation of "Corps".  Santa Clara Vanguard finished the night with a piece based on Vivaldi's Four Seasons.  It showcased some incredible playing with precise and powerful visuals.  Madison Scouts came back out for a couple encores while the judges totaled the scores.

The top 4 from this year's event were:

  1. Santa Clara Vanguard
  2. Blue Stars
  3. The Academy
  4. Madison Scouts
  5. Troopers

Here are our exclusive photos from the show:

Click for more information - Drums Along The Mohawk | Drum Corps International



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