How do you catch a 1,500-pound bull? Very carefully. One week ago, a bull, nicknamed Barney, escaped from a Long Island farm on the day he allegedly was to be slaughtered. Barney has been spotted several times since his breakout but continues to elude his captors.

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According to the Daily Voice, Barney broke through a fence on Barnes Road in Manonville, New York on Tuesday July 20th. Since then several animal rescue groups, including New Jersey's Skylands Animal Sanctuary and Rescue, have been searching but have yet to capture him. Skylands has even committed to giving Barney a forever home.

It's unlikely that Barney will make the hike north to the Capital Region but searchers are pulling out all the stops to spot and capture the bull. CBS6 Albany reports the use of a helicopter, drone and night-vision equipment along have failed. Officials have even tried to lure Barney with the use of a cow named Norma Jean.

Once Barney ignored Norma Jean, The Greater Moriches reported, rescue groups have erected a pen he pen in hopes to corral the bull before taking him to a sanctuary.

We have a rope ready to pull the gate closed if he goes into the corral,” John Di Leonardo, president of Long Island Orchestrating for Nature, told Greater Moriches. We have a camera set up in there also, so we can monitor from afar whether he’s gone into the corral.

If you happen to see Barney, or any escaped bull, you are asked to call 911.

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