New York Republicans are blasting Gov. Andrew Cuomo's impeachment investigation calling it a "sham."

On Friday, New York Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie spoke with reporters about the impeached investigation into Cuomo.

"Right now the Assembly Judiciary Committee is doing an impeachment inquiry, so I’m going to wait for the results of that inquiry," Heastie said, according to CBS.

Allegations started in December 2020 when Lindsey Boylan accused Cuomo of harassing her for years. Boylan served as an executive vice president of Empire State Development and later as a special adviser to Cuomo for economic development from March 2015 to Oct 2018.

At least seven more women later accused Cuomo of inappropriate behavior or sexual harassment.

Lawyers hired by New York State Attorney General Letitia James interviewed Cuomo this month about sexual harassment allegations. James was hired in March to conduct an independent investigation into the allegations against Cuomo.

It's possible the four-month investigation could conclude by this summer. Heastie who controls if an impeachment review will go to a vote also said he's not sure if the investigation ending would cause impeachment talks to increase.

"I believe it should be part of the Assembly's review but I don’t know if the report itself alone without the conclusion of the judiciary committee's work should rise to an (impeachment) action," Heastie said.

A lawyer for one of Cuomo's accusers, Charlotte Bennet, released the following statement after Heastie's comments:

The Assembly Speaker's comments today are alarming and outrageous. Speaker Heastie has made clear that he will actively obstruct efforts to hold Governor Cuomo responsible even if, as we expect will be the case, the Attorney General's investigators substantiate the multiple allegations of sexual harassment levied against the governor by Ms. Bennett and the other complainants

On Monday in Rockland County, NYGOP Chairman Nick Langworthy was joined by Rockland County Executive Ed Day and Assemblyman Michael Lawler to address the latest comments by Speaker Heastie on the Assembly’s impeachment investigation.

"We have a corrupt Governor and a speaker who is protecting him. It's over four months now. And everything that has happened since then would have any reasonable person draw the conclusion that this investigation is a sham," Langworthy said.

Langworthy believes Heastie prejudged the investigation and set the table to not act on a possible impeachment.

"It's just insane. It shows how cooked Albany is. Andrew Cuomo is the most corrupt and sinister governor in America," Langworthy said. "The evidence is in plain sight. The votes are in place to impeach if the leadership had the courage to call a vote. The only thing standing in the way of justice is a Speaker who is refusing to act and saying even if the facts are presented by the Attorney General he still may not act. This should enrage every New Yorker."

Cuomo called the investigation a political smear and predicted Monday New Yorkers will be "shocked" once they learn the facts of the Attorney General's investigation.

“I am very confident that they will be shocked at what they have heard about this versus what they know about it," Cuomo said.

Earlier this year, Cuomo apologized if he made anyone "feel uncomfortable" but continues to deny the sexual harassment allegations.

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