Olympian Erin Hamlin is the center of a new controversy surrounding the right to bear the flag at the Opening Ceremony at the Pyeongchang Games.

Flag bearers are determined by a team-wide vote on who should carry the American flag in the opening ceremony. In the event of a tie, the result would be a coin toss to determine who would carry the flag.

That vote took place and there was a tie between Erin Hamlin and speed skater Shani Davis.

US Olympic Long Track Trials
photo credit - stacy revere/Getty Images

The vote ended in a tie and the rules say the flag bearer would be determined by a flip of the coin in the event of a tie vote.  That coin flip determined Erin Hamlin as the flag bearer in the opening ceremony. Shani Davis is saying the vote wasn't fair and the outcome should have been in question and gone in his favor and not Erin's.


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