This is New York States first-ever competition for a video created using cameras on drones.

The new competition at the NYS Fair is looking for short videos created with drone cameras. Upload your entry at through July 31 for any of the eight categories for a top prize of  $250. Entry fees are $20 for videos submitted to most categories. The student fee is $5. Entries in the Corporate/Industrial/Business category are $50.

Videos must be no longer than 5 minutes, except for the Corporate/Industrial category, where videos can be no longer than 10 minutes. At least 50% of each video must have been shot using a drone or other unmanned aerial vehicle. Creators can submit their videos in one of the following categories:

* New York State Drones: Videos created completely in New York State
* Narrative: A fiction or non-fiction story told using a drone
* Landscape & Architecture: Amazing, beautiful scenes shot using drones
* Showreel: A compilation of clips from various drone-shot videos
* Sports: Athletic activity and competition shot using drones
* Healthcare: Videos highlight how drones are being used to improve the delivery of health services
* Corporate/Industrial/Business: Videos that feature drones and the work they are doing
* Student: Videos created by an enrolled high school or college student, on any subject. Students may submit to any other category.

Professional judges have been assembled by Michael Massurin, executive director of the Syracuse International Film Festival. Remember the top prize is $250.00. The winning videos will be screened during the Fair at an evening ceremony in the Empire Theater of the Art & Home Center, where the Best In Show award.

Bonus Video:

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