Elephants can no longer be used use in entertainment acts like circuses or parades in NYS.

Legislation that Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo signed two years ago went into effect on 10/19/19 and forbids the use of elephants at entertainment events.

“The use of elephants in these types of settings is dangerous to their health and potentially abusive,” Cuomo said in a statement when he signed the bill. “The Elephant Protection Act furthers this administration’s efforts to fight animal cruelty, and create a stronger, more humane New York.”

The legislation aims to prevent performance tricks that are never executed by elephants in the wild and that are stressful or harmful to the animal. Elephants used for entertainment purposes often suffer physical and psychological harm due to the living conditions and treatment to which they are subjected, resulting in increased mortality with life spans only one-half as long as wild elephants.

The Elephant Protection Act carries a penalty of up to $1,000 for violations. It bans the use of elephants in entertainment acts at circuses, trade shows, carnivals, parades, or other such events.

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