If you’re going to go green, you might as well go all the way. You might already be driving a smart car. You may be eating organic food. Are you wearing eco-friendly clothes? 

There’s a company in England manufacturing eco-friendly underwear made entirely of bamboo. If that doesn’t sound extremely painful to wear then I don’t know what is. The London-based company Luva Huva is launching the undies, which are made from fabric that has been created from bamboo. The bamboo is pulped and then spun into fibers to be woven and dyed.

Our bamboo fabrics are made with both bamboo fibers and bamboo pulp. They are soft and silky to the touch, drape well, and possess properties of excellent moisture absorption and permeability.

The bamboo fabric is supposedly more eco-friendly than cotton because it is quick to grow, does not need pesticides and is biodegradable. However is it comfortable? I’m still thinking no.

Would you wear Bamboo underwear?


[via Luva Huva]