Is it safe to allow your kids to eat snow, or is it an old wives tale that says do not eat the snow? We decided to take a look at this case and see what the true answer is. 

How risky is it to eat snow?

Snow in its purest form is water. Water is good for the body, so it should be safe right? Any number of things could be found in snow. This could include salt, chemicals used to melt snow on roads and sidewalks, fur, bacteria, urine and stool.


Where is eating snow the most dangerous?

Accuweather points out that the risks of eating snow in big cities and small cities or towns are different. Why's that? Population. Big cities have more pollution from cars and buildings. Rural locations have more potential though for agricultural chemicals in the ground that may leech into snow.


How much snow would you have to eat to be sick?

Most people have good immunity and don’t eat enough snow to affect them. Some however, experience upset stomachs and experience some diarrhea. Someone who eats a large amount of snow, or snow with a large amount of things present in it, could be very sick. Just don't eat the snow, plain and simple.



Eating a small amount of fresh snow (a bite or two), or catching snowflakes on your tongue, is unlikely to cause serious problems. However, don't eat too much, and be very cautious about what you do eat.




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