When people call it "the common cold", it sounds like just a little inconvenience. But when I have a cold, it's "common misery". I remember when my father had a cold, the whole family was on high alert as he didn't wear it well. We all know that there's no cure for a cold, but what about chicken soup?

Does chicken soup really help relieve a cold? Let's find out.

According to the Mayo Clinic website, a highly respected name in health care:

"Chicken soup might help relieve cold and flu symptoms in two ways. First, it acts as an anti-inflammatory by inhibiting the movement of neutrophils — immune system cells that participate in the body's inflammatory response. Second, it temporarily speeds up the movement of mucus, possibly helping relieve congestion and limiting the amount of time viruses are in contact with the nose lining."

So, mom was right after all. Chicken soup is not only good for the soul, but helps relieve cold symptoms.