We are already in the 4th week of the Preseason in the NFL now and we seem some teams standing out early and we see other teams starting to lose it. Preseason is usually just a way to see players stand out and the games don’t really count towards the NFL team’s records. During the off season, we have seen some players retire, players being traded and also players being expelled for their own reasons. Our Intern Josh put together a list of some early Super Bowl 50 predictions. 

I will now go over each division and make my predictions for who I think will win that division and also pick my wildcard selections to see in the playoffs, and then make my AFC and NFC championship team picks.

Let’s start with the AFC. In the AFC had last year’s super bowl 49 champions, The New England Patriots. All though a lot was talked about them during the offseason, I can see the Patriots back into the playoffs this year. Also, in their division (The AFC East) I can see the Miami Dolphins or the New York Jets possibly gaining a wildcard spot. In the AFC West, the Denver Broncos with their high powered offense led that division. I can see the Broncos back in the run for the playoffs again, and also if I had to select a team to be in the wildcard, I can see the Kansas City Chiefs in it to possibly win it.

In the AFC South, The Indianapolis Colts dominated in that division as they were in the AFC Championship last season but lost in a blow out to the New England Patriots. Also during the off season they picked up a great first round draft pick and also got some good trades in. I can once again see the Colts dominate this division once more. Lastly, the toughest division to choose from; The AFC North. The AFC north had teams all with good records last season. 3 of the teams have earn a playoff spot last year, the team that went the furthest in the playoffs was the Baltimore Ravens as they lost a close battle in the Divisional game last year against the New England Patriots. This is a tough choice but if I have to select the Pittsburgh Steelers to lead this division with the Baltimore Ravens earning a wildcard playoff spot. The Two teams I would select to possibly play in the AFC Championship game would be The Indianapolis Colts vs The Denver Broncos. Between these two teams, I would choose the Indianapolis Colts to go to Super Bowl 50.

Now to the NFC. Last year in the 2014 season, lots of teams stood out and made their case of how they could’ve gotten to the Super Bowl 49 but yet ended up short. First off the NFC South had the worst records out of all the divisions but yet the Carolina Panthers who were 7-8 finished in 4th in the playoffs with an 8-8 record. I would select for this division for the Atlanta Falcons to be playoff contenders due to their draft pick ups and the fact that all of their key players are staying healthy. In the NFC West, the NFC champions last year were the Seattle Seahawks (who this offseason have gotten very key players during the draft and the trade season so I highly suspect for this team to be back in the playoffs no doubt about it).

In the NFC North, The Green Bay Packers were in the NFC championship game last year where they lost in overtime to the Seattle Seahawks. The Packers did lose some players and gain some good players but they also lost a big key player due to an injury during the preseason which will affect them dramatically. I can see the Green Bay Packers still leading this division even though they will have to work hard at that. I can also see the Detroit Lions back in the race for redemption in the playoffs.

Last but not least, The NFC East which is the most questioned division this year. Last year the high powered Dallas Cowboys won this division and lost in the divisional game last year to the Green Bay Packers due to a referee’s decision for a catch. This offseason the Cowboys lost a big key maker on the offense and some on the defense. However, they are starting to become confident with their decisions now, also teams to look at in this division are the Philadelphia Eagles and the New York Giants. I can see the Cowboys once again leading the division but also the Eagles and Giants I can see with a playoff spot if they are able to get all the key players healthy and working well. My predictions for the NFC championship game are the Seattle Seahawks vs either the Dallas Cowboys or the New York Giants. Where I can see the Seattle Seahawks winning that game and earning a spot in the Super bowl.

My Super bowl 50 predictions is the Seattle Seahawks vs The Indianapolis Colts. Other matchups I would enjoy would be the Dallas Cowboys vs The Pittsburgh Steelers. Also lastly The New York Giants vs The New England Patriots. However, it’s only my early predictions and moves will be made during the season and possibly key injuries. Expect the Unexpected during this year’s NFL season because you’ll never know what will happen, and as people say, when you think you’ve seen it all you haven’t.



 ***This post was written by our intern Josh Gubbins of Westmoreland. Josh is entering his senior year, and of course playing football.***