The nation's top infectious disease doctor says Americans should never shake hands again, leaving us to find a new to greet each other.

According to Dr. Anthony Fauci, in the post-coronavirus world (if we ever get there) Americans should find an alternative to shaking hands. In a podcast, he told the Wall Street Journal eliminating the handshake would be a great way to prevent the spread of coronavirus - and more common viruses like the flu.

So what do we do instead?

There's always the elbow bump - of course, since we're encouraged to sneeze into our elbows, we're not sure that's the best strategy.

How about we go with the Japanese bow? Are there rules about who bows first? How deep? Seems like there's a lot to figure out.

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We could revert to the British curtsey - but that goes along with a whole power structure with Kings, Queens, Dukes...who could possibly keep it straight?

There's always the chin wave. You know - where you kind of lift your chin into the air in a gesture of acknowledgement - although this seems a little casual for business and formal settings.

What do you think we should replace the handshake with?

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