Home delivery used to be restricted to just pizza places and chinese food for the most part (and you had to be within their coverage area,) but it looks as if those days are long gone. Enter The Uber of home food delivery: DoorDash.

Maybe you've seen their commercial with red-shirted 'dashers' bringing red bags of food deliveries to happy customers. I downloaded the app to see if the service was available in our area and it looks as if they plan to launch service for the Utica/Rome area the day before Valentine's Day. For this to work properly, restaurants have to be onboard as does a cadre of drivers. Here's a peek at what that looks like from the driver's perspective:

If you're interested in just the food delivery, it'll be here in just over a week although it's unclear exactly which restaurants will be taking part in our area yet (Georgio's? Chesterfields? . If you're interested in making cash as a driver like the girl above, you can explore that here.

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